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Charleston Wedding Photographers: Patrick Hall bio picture

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Patrick Hall was born in Charleston, SC and has lived in Alaska, Alabama, and Tennessee.  After graduating from college in 2004, Patrick traveled throughout the southeast before calling Charleston home in 2006.

During the first 2 years in Charleston, Patrick spent most of his time learning how to craft interesting photos with both wedding professionals and lifestyle photographers.  It was during this time the idea to share his newly learned talents with young couples became Patrick's primary goal.

Today Patrick works full time as a commercial wedding photographer in Charleston, SC and enjoys shooting extreme sports, fashion, and commercial images during any freetime he may have left :) 

Feel free to add Patrick on facebook at:

Questions To Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer

It is somehow a challenging task to secure a good and reputable professional wedding photographer. Of course, a photographer is never absent from special occasions especially weddings. Some people are self-proclaimed photographers, professional or amateur, but it is wise to determine if they are just budding picture-takers or expert pros.

Also, do not be swayed by photographers who charge low rates. This indicates that they are merely trying to score a job. You do not want to jeopardize the quality of your wedding photos for a cheap price. Usually, professional photographers charge more and they can guarantee quality images in full-color, sepia, or black and white, whichever you prefer.

Prior to hiring the services of a wedding photographer, you have to determine the kind of style, equipment, approach, and ability so that you will be assured that you would be getting the best deal for your photos as well as your money. To do this, ask questions especially if you have nagging doubts about the photographer on hand. Be sure that you secure all the details before committing to a wedding photographer as first-time weddings will only be made and experienced once in your lifetime.

patrick hall Questions To Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer

That's Me...

Here are essential questions you can ask a wedding photographer:

  • What is your main style in shooting images? Do you go for laidback, photojournalistic, deviant, artistic, traditional, or classic? This is the first question that you should ask since you may want to ensure that the photographer is capable of shooting images in your preferred style. Discuss the style you want so that you can spare yourself the panic before the wedding starts.
  • Do you shoot in a traditional medium or a digital format? Can you create both versions of a similar image?  This way, a photographer can share some of his or her know-how and experience and you will get the full picture about how your photos should be.
  • Are you the wedding photographer or do you have any assistants with you? Are you going to be the one shooting our photos or an assistant will be doing them too? Can we meet the person if there is one? Sometimes, wedding photographers acquire the need of an assistant. But the assistant should be an able one and who understands wedding photography.
  • Do you have any experience in handling the kind of formality and size similar to our wedding? How many years or months have you been a professional wedding photographer? By asking this question, you can get a sense of a photographer’s ability and experience.
    Are we the only event that you are going to photograph in that day? You will know if the photographer that you are hiring will be also being booked on the day of your wedding event.
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Will the tripods, lighting, and other equipment be interfering with the space of the venue? You will know if the photography equipment will be intruding on your turf. There are lighting issues like using flashes and restrictions at your event location. The photographer will also know what kind of venue you will be having for your wedding and he or she can check it beforehand so they can come properly and completely prepared.

Asking these questions will ensure that you get a competent photographer who will make one of the most important days in your life last your entire lifetime.

If you have any specific questions for me about wedding photography or about your wedding in particular, please contact me and let’s talk.

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Make sure you contact me to discuss your Charleston wedding photographer needs and secure you’re free consultation now!