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Charleston Wedding Photographers: Patrick Hall bio picture

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Patrick Hall was born in Charleston, SC and has lived in Alaska, Alabama, and Tennessee.  After graduating from college in 2004, Patrick traveled throughout the southeast before calling Charleston home in 2006.

During the first 2 years in Charleston, Patrick spent most of his time learning how to craft interesting photos with both wedding professionals and lifestyle photographers.  It was during this time the idea to share his newly learned talents with young couples became Patrick's primary goal.

Today Patrick works full time as a commercial wedding photographer in Charleston, SC and enjoys shooting extreme sports, fashion, and commercial images during any freetime he may have left :) 

Feel free to add Patrick on facebook at:

Photography Tips for Normal People When at Special Events

charleston weddings the knot Photography Tips for Normal People When at Special Events

wedding party having fun Photography Tips for Normal People When at Special Events

Special Wedding Party!

Special occasions, holidays, and other events provide great photo-shooting opportunities to capture every festive scene, background, and the people attending the event. Special events such as weddings and parties make people sought good images to capture every moment worth remembering.

Although in events like weddings, there will always be a hired professional photographer taking shots of anything and everything. But even if you are not a pro at taking professional photographs, you can surely get great images with your camera. With confident clicks, you can get an excellent image not even taken by a professional photographer at that event. Stick to your instincts and follow these simple steps to creating and capturing that well-defined shot of the scene, your loved ones and friends.

Capture that specific expression

Hold your camera close by and snap on scenes where people are grinning, crying, hugging. These scenes definitely make for some memorable photos. Always keep your camera turned on in order for you to take spontaneous shots of people’s expressions and feelings at any given moment.

Snap on some candid pictures

Candid photos are great for laughs. They are visually memorable images which professional photographers may not capture as they are required to stick on capturing the event’s formality and properly posed portraits. Catch images of family members joking with each other, kids sticking out their tongues, and other scenes which will surely bring loads of funny moments.

Get close to the subject

disposable camera Photography Tips for Normal People When at Special Events

Disposable Camera Snap Shot!

You can zoom in on the subject or subjects on the event to produce images with greater impact. Highlight the essential things and exclude the not-so important ones. If your camera has a focusing feature, better use it for close-ups.

Display good camera conduct

Surely, you can get caught up in the photo-shooting frenzy but you should also comply with rules regarding photograph restrictions. Respect the event by avoiding taking flashy pictures. They tend to cause distraction so as long as your camera has a non-flash feature, use it to your advantage. You can also take advantage of the lighting. As long as you will not work on your flashes, lighting can best portray an event.

Prevent red eye

Usually, people who have digital cameras on hand accidentally capture shots with red eye. You can remove them easily with picture-editing software applications. If your camera has a feature that is called a red eye reduction, then use it to produce quality photos.

Have extra batteries or chargers on hand

It is incredibly frustrating when you are one shot away to that perfect picture and your camera just happened to stall.  It is wise to bring an extra pack of batteries or a charger just in case you lose your battery power. Also, if you are using standard cameras aside from digital, secure rolls of film so that you will not have to pity yourself by missing out on the behind the scenes action that you want captured. Picture cards are also important especially if it is already loaded with pictures you have already taken.

Check your display screen

Most digital cameras enable you to play back your taken shots so you can guarantee that they are looking well-defined and nice. This way, you will get to delete those pictures that do not satisfy you and allows more room for new ones. In fact, you will know right away when you have to take a stab at shooting that scene again.

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