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Charleston Wedding Photographers: Patrick Hall bio picture

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Patrick Hall was born in Charleston, SC and has lived in Alaska, Alabama, and Tennessee.  After graduating from college in 2004, Patrick traveled throughout the southeast before calling Charleston home in 2006.

During the first 2 years in Charleston, Patrick spent most of his time learning how to craft interesting photos with both wedding professionals and lifestyle photographers.  It was during this time the idea to share his newly learned talents with young couples became Patrick's primary goal.

Today Patrick works full time as a commercial wedding photographer in Charleston, SC and enjoys shooting extreme sports, fashion, and commercial images during any freetime he may have left :) 

Feel free to add Patrick on facebook at:

Wild Dunes Wedding : Laura and Jesse

I always tell clients that the number one reason a photo turns out successful has more to do with the energy shown in front of the camera than anything else. And when couples interact with each other naturally and affectionately my job becomes pretty easy. This was definitely the case with Laura and Jesse. They invited me to their wedding at Wild Dunes out on the Grand Pavilion. It is one of my favorite places to shoot wedding images on all of Isle of Palms mainly because there is so much variety. Most of my clients book me for my candid moments but Laura and Jesse really wanted a bunch of environmental portraits that showed off the beach location and venue. It seems like the phrase “posed photos” has a negative vibe among wedding photographers for some reason, but I personally love taking portraits as long as the couple is fun and enjoying themselves. I’ve included some of my favorite ‘formal’ photos below but check out the slideshow for the full wedding. Oh and if you are looking to book a wedding out at Wild Dunes, give Samantha Hazard an email; she’s the person you want planning your wedding for sure!

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My Experience Shooting Bon Jovi and David Bergman

As many of you know, I am the founder of the website which showcases behind the scenes videos of photographers working on their projects.  I love photography of all sorts, and I wanted to create a website that could educate other photographers in a way that would be more fun than just simply reading articles.  So Lee Morris and I started the video based site Fstoppers, and it has now become a major name within the online photography community.

From time to time, we create our own behind the scenes videos that often feature photographers we admire.  David Bergman is a big Sports Illustrated photographer who has made the transition into shooting live events.  He also has the most viewed US Presidential Inauguration photo of all time in his portfolio with his Barack Obama Gigapan image.  So I was thrilled when he said he was on board to film an Fstoppers Original video featuring my childhood heros Bon Jovi!  In the video, David discusses his previous work, reviews his equipment, and takes you on an all access preview of what it is like shooting for one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the world!

Check out the video below for a fun glimpse into the wild world of concert photography and if you want to read my personal story on what it was like filming this video head on over to the Bon Jovi article over at

Fstoppers Original: David Bergman Photographs Bon Jovi from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Charleston Wedding Photobooth

For the last two years or so I have been setting up a “photobooth” at many of the weddings I have shot. Surprisingly, I have found out that a lot of my clients were initially confused about my photobooth because it is technically not a booth at all. If you have ever been to a friend’s wedding and they had a photobooth, typically it is an old fashioned booth with a curtain like you would find in a mall. Those older photobooths can be a lot of fun but what happens when you want to get a bit crazier or want to include more than 2 or 3 people in you photograph? Well that’s why I designed a photobooth that wasn’t a booth at all! This photobooth takes up a small area usually just outside of the dance floor and individual couples or large groups can stand infront of the white screen and instantly take a bunch of creative photos that the bride and groom will see when they receive all of their wedding photos. The pictures are immediately displayed so everyone around can see, and it’s always a huge hit at the reception. I’ve given the band or DJ a run for their money on many occasions, but what I usually find is the photobooth helps encourage people to get up out of their seats and participate even more at the wedding and on the dance floor. Here are a few of my favorite photos from 2010.

Fstoppers: Our iPhone Photoshoot Hits It Big!

If you have not checked out my other photography based website,, it is basically a blog that features behind the scenes videos of photographers and videographers working on their current projects. Since Lee Morris and I launched it back in Feb, it has become one of the most exciting projects I have been working on outside of wedding and commercial photography. To help inspire other photographers, we decided it would be fun to try to organize a normal fashion photoshoot but instead of using a professional camera we would use the worst camera we owned: the Apple iPhone 3Gs!
I have never experienced posting a viral web video before but over night we had the most highly viral video of my career. Within 8 days, the video had been seen by over half a million people world wide and was featured on thousands of big named websites. Our own website was crashing, my email was being swamped with notes from people from every country, and our site had 10x more viewers than before the iphone video. It was fun having Lee doing all the photography as I filmed the whole shoot. I’m scared we may never top this Fstoppers Original video but it was a blast to create. I hope you feel inspired!

Ion Creek Club Wedding Photography: Misty and Adam

I think Misty and Adam have known each other longer than any other couple I have photographed. They were good friends back in junior high school and years later as fate would have it, they fell in love. I first met Misty and her bridesmaids during her Bridal Shoot in downtown Charleston. I knew her wedding was going to be easy to photography because she was one of the happiest girls I’ve ever met. Living in Mount Pleasant, Misty and Adam decided to get married at the ION Creek Club. They had such a fun band and their friends made great use of the Photobooth. Check out their wedding photos below!

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Kiawah Island Wedding Photography: Brent and Blair Beason

I think I met Brent and Blair back in the winter when they called me up to talk about having a wedding out at Kiawah Island’s Sanctuary. Kiawah Island is such a great place to have a wedding and it was fun hearing what this couple had planned. I knew their wedding was going to be fun from the first time I met them and shot their engagement photos. Usually it’s the guys who do not want to spend too much time taking photos but Brent came to the shoot with more ideas than I did. Having couples that are really affectionate towards each other and at times goofy really makes the photos come to life. At the wedding, Brent and Blair were surrounded by really fun friends (including Halle and Brian). Even the real Clemson Tiger mascot showed up during the ceremony. All in all a really fun time out at Kiawah Island and the wedding photos turned out great.

Seabrook Wedding Photography: Lauren and Jim

As a wedding photographer, one thing I always enjoy is shooting weddings all over the southeast. When Jim and Lauren first called me, they told me their wedding was going to be at the brand new Seabrook Island Club House called Ocean Terrace. I was pretty excited for them since I have heard so many great things about the Ocean Terrace in the short time since it was built. Although we faced a short rain storm that pushed the wedding ceremony up a bit, the day as a whole turned out really great. Seabrook has some amazing golf courses which always produce great wedding photographs. Check out a few images below and watch the slideshow to see the full wedding.

Charleston Wedding Photographer goes to New York

If you enjoy watching behind the scenes videos of photoshoots, you have to check out my other website Back in April I was given the opportunity to fly up to New York City to film a behind the scenes video on legendary headshot photographer Peter Hurley. The experience was great both from a creative standpoint and from a networking standpoint, and I’m glad to call Peter a friend. Check my latest Fstoppers video and enjoy the fun personality that is Peter Hurley!

Fstoppers Original: Peter Hurley shoots the perfect actor’s headshot from FStoppers on Vimeo.