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Charleston Wedding Photographers: Patrick Hall bio picture

Welcome to the pH Factor~!

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Patrick Hall was born in Charleston, SC and has lived in Alaska, Alabama, and Tennessee.  After graduating from college in 2004, Patrick traveled throughout the southeast before calling Charleston home in 2006.

During the first 2 years in Charleston, Patrick spent most of his time learning how to craft interesting photos with both wedding professionals and lifestyle photographers.  It was during this time the idea to share his newly learned talents with young couples became Patrick's primary goal.

Today Patrick works full time as a commercial wedding photographer in Charleston, SC and enjoys shooting extreme sports, fashion, and commercial images during any freetime he may have left :) 

Feel free to add Patrick on facebook at:

Fstoppers: Our iPhone Photoshoot Hits It Big!

If you have not checked out my other photography based website,, it is basically a blog that features behind the scenes videos of photographers and videographers working on their current projects. Since Lee Morris and I launched it back in Feb, it has become one of the most exciting projects I have been working on outside of wedding and commercial photography. To help inspire other photographers, we decided it would be fun to try to organize a normal fashion photoshoot but instead of using a professional camera we would use the worst camera we owned: the Apple iPhone 3Gs!
I have never experienced posting a viral web video before but over night we had the most highly viral video of my career. Within 8 days, the video had been seen by over half a million people world wide and was featured on thousands of big named websites. Our own website was crashing, my email was being swamped with notes from people from every country, and our site had 10x more viewers than before the iphone video. It was fun having Lee doing all the photography as I filmed the whole shoot. I’m scared we may never top this Fstoppers Original video but it was a blast to create. I hope you feel inspired!

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